Professional Flying School

Mempersiapkan pilot professional dengan kualitas yang baik, progresif, terlatih, memiliki motivasi dan kemampuan yang tinggi, disiplin dan bertanggung jawab terhadap kelayakan dan keselamatan penerbangan


training area

BPA has 2 Base Operations which function so that the aircraft can be maximally utilized so that the target of graduating cadets in 12 months of education can be achieved.

The BPA Main Base is located at the Husein Sastranegara airport in Bandung, where there are 3 locations as a Training Area, namely :

  • Cianjur Area
  • Sulaiman Area (formerly known as Banjaran Area)
  • Majalaya Area (formerly known as Ciparay Area)

Meanwhile the BPA Satellite Base is located at the Nusawiru Pangandaran airport. At this location there are 5
locations that are used as Training Areas, namely :

  • Nusa Area
  • Kalapa Area
  • Anyar Area
  • Beach Area
  • Sindang Area


Until now, the total number of aircraft owned by BPA is 12 units consisting of 8 units of Cessna 172S, 2 units of Cessna 172R  and 2 units of Tecnam P2006T. The majority of aircraft have adopted Glass Cockpit Technology using the GARMIN 1000 according to the needs of today’s airlines.


Redbird FMX 1000

Electric motion platform

  • Cockpit with closed system
  • Visualizations that include a viewing angle of more than 200 °

Ergonomic design

  • User defined missions database
  • Unique pilot key system Portable instructor panel
  • Cockpit settings can be changed on the fly
  • Has detailed airport database Operates with 15 standard 15 amp outlets
  • AATD which has FAA certification

Computer based training

Educational facilities at BPA utilize technology-based science, one of which is Computer Pilot Training, where all training materials contained in the syllabus have been inputted on each computer, providing convenience for cadets in accelerating understanding and repetition of each subject matter


Located in the same area with a hanggar and other educational facilities, making it easier to access and supervise the daily cadet activities. This building has 5 floors with a total of 159 rooms which are designed with the comfort of the cadet in mind while staying in it. The facilities in this building include a lobby, prayer room, elevator, sports area, mini market, bathroom, toilet, laundry, TV room and internet


Bandung Pilot Academy transportation facilities are supported by three comfortable fleets that are ready to be used to take the entire BPA academic community on long and medium-distance trips. One bus and two minibuses can of course be used by cadets if they have to do mobilization

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